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Transmission Warranty

 INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE warrants to the original purchaser that each transmission shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the term of 2 years 24,000 miles, and competition builds for the term of 1 year or 12,000 miles. Absolutely No Warranty On Broken Shafts, Drums or Hard Parts, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

This warranty does not apply to or include any of the following:

  1. OPERATOR ERROR. Includes racing, competition pulling, dyno competitions, etc. These types of activities are to be done at the operator's/owner's risk and the operator/owner assumes all responsibility for damage that may occur.
  2. OVERHEATING, LACK OF LUBRICATION, or CONTAMINATION. Wrong or inferior fluid type, inferior filter (we strongly advise against using any quick lube shops for services as fluid and filters are known to be of a lesser quality). Heat is the #1 cause of transmission failure, this MUST BE MONITORED by the person operating the vehicle. Normal operating temperature range should be 145-200 degrees with no more than 220 degrees ever being exceeded.
  3. DAMAGE resulting from failed u-joint, driveline damage or imbalance, transfer case failure or damage, engine or transmission mount defects, failures, or misalignment, broken case, pan, or extension housing due to off-road use (ie. becoming hi-centered).
  4. REAPAIR OR REPLACEMENT required as a result of any accident or misuse.
  5. REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF ANY ACCESSORY OR COOLING DEVICE, including specifically but not limited to: all components of the cooling system, hoses, thermal bypass units, and filters.
  6. AFTERMARKET PARTS used in the transmission. INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE are not responsible for defective parts supplied by aftermarket companies that may have been used in the build process such as (Servos, Valves, Clutches, Torque Converters, Oil Pumps etc.) Most of the parts will carry their own warranty through the proper vendor. When a transmission is purchased and installed by us at our location we do a Test and Tune session. We are able to diagnose a defective part at that time and will replace that part until the problem no longer exists. This will not ensure that a part will not become defective, as premature failure can still arise after the transmission unit has left our facility.

Limited Liability: Liability under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective products. INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE shall not be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages including but not limited to rental cars, shipping expenses, towing fees or for any service not expressly provided for herein.

Limited Warranty: This warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, on the part of INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE or the dealer installing the transmission unit. No dealer nor any agent or employee thereof, is authorized to extend or modify this warranty. All warranty work MUST be performed at INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE’S store location and BY INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE. This warranty does not cover work done by any other shop, individual, or entity.

Additional Owner/User Obligations: Initial 3000 Miles: Bands must be re-adjusted to manufacturer's specifications (not all transmissions have bands or need band adjustment depending on model). Unit must be checked for proper fluid level and operating temperature. If for any reason you are unsure what action to take, please contact us for instruction. It is the vehicle operator’s responsibility to observe transmission operating temperatures and fluid levels. If there are any issues with transmissions operation please contact us and cease operation until further instruction or repairs have been made. Failure to notify us about or neglect on taking corrective action to resolve any issues that are occurring with the transmission unit will result in a void of this warranty.

First service between 1000-3000 miles after installation: Fluid and filter and or filters must be changed (or inspected for condition, not all filters and fluids may need to be changed), bands are-adjusted and pan bolts re-torqued. All fluid changes, services or repairs must be documented and recorded throughout the term of this warranty agreement. Failure to do so will result in a termination of this warranty and no further obligation will be honored by INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE.

Failure to perform these basic operations will result in a void warranty.

NOTE:  If the unit is installed by anyone other than INTERSTATE DIESEL AND AUTOMOTIVE, the Warranty expressed hereto shall be honored for 1 year after build date. Line pressure checks, and initial break-in checks/procedures are the responsibility of the installer, and documentation thereof must be provided in writing within one (1) month of purchase (ie. pressure readings at idle, cruising and wide open throttle). Failure to perform these checks and provide documentation will result in a void warranty. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please contact us regarding these pressure specifications as they vary by unit and build type. 

Specific to builds utilizing Aermet input shafts (47/48re): Aermet input shaft break-in procedure requires 3 initial heat cycles (up to temp and 8 hour cool off) and 300 mile break-in to set the shaft PRIOR TO TOWING/RACING/SPIRITED DRIVING. Failure perform and document these procedures will result in a void warranty.


1 Year Limited Parts Warranty

APPLICATION: This warranty applies to the original purchaser, is non-transferrable, is set forth with a term of 1 year (12 months) from original purchase date, and covers parts only.

WARRANTY TERM: Warranty period begins on purchase date by end user (with proof of purchase from Authorized Dealer) and expires in 1 calendar year.

COVERAGE: Warranty covers repair or replacement of turbocharger, at the discretion of Interstate Diesel. Interstate Diesel warrants against part manufacturer defect/malfunction and assembly/workmanship error for the duration of warranty term. Repair or replacement will be determined at Interstate Diesel's sole discretion and dependent on Interstate Diesel's teardown inspection upon receival of unit.


INTALLATION: Damages as a result of improper installation (ie.failure to follow acceptable installation procedures, failure to pre-oil the cartridge before startup, failure to remove dust caps/covers prior to installation, failure to allow appropriate idle time on initial startup to set bearings/seals, restricted crankcase vent hoses or orifices, or any other improper installation practice) are not covered under this warranty.

MAINTENANCE: Damages as a result of improper maintenance (ie. oil quality, oil viscosity, air filter cleaning/replacement, DPF regeneration intervals, engine failure) are not covered under this warranty.

FOREIGN DEBRIS: Damages as a result of introduction of foreign objects or debris (ie. filter contamination, items left in intake or charge air ducting, debris from a previous failure) are not covered under this warranty.

CONTAMINATION: Damages as a result of oil or other contamination (ie. engine failure resulting in steel, silica, fuel dilution, or any other contamination to be present in the oil) or oil starvation (ie. engine failure resulting in oil loss or excessive blowby resulting in oil deprivation) are not covered under this warranty.

LABOR: Labor and/or installation expenses r are not covered by this warranty. 

SHIPPING: Shipping expenses are not covered under this warranty.

ABUSE: Damages as a result of abuse, misuse, accident, negligence, flood, fire, vandalism,  or anything other than part or workmanship defect are not covered under this warranty.

OTHERAny other expenses aside from part or workmanship defect (ie. shipping, storage, towing, labor, loss of wages/income, travel, etc) are not covered under this warranty.


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