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1 Year Limited Parts Warranty

APPLICATION: This warranty applies to the original purchaser, is non-transferrable, is set forth with a term of 1 year (12 months) from original purchase date, and covers parts only.

WARRANTY TERM: Warranty period begins on purchase date by end user (with proof of purchase from Authorized Dealer) and expires in 1 calendar year.

COVERAGE: Warranty covers repair or replacement of turbocharger, at the discretion of Interstate Diesel. Interstate Diesel warrants against part manufacturer defect/malfunction and assembly/workmanship error for the duration of warranty term. Repair or replacement will be determined at Interstate Diesel's sole discretion and dependent on Interstate Diesel's teardown inspection upon receival of unit.


INTALLATION: Damages as a result of improper installation (ie.failure to follow acceptable installation procedures, failure to pre-oil the cartridge before startup, failure to remove dust caps/covers prior to installation, failure to allow appropriate idle time on initial startup to set bearings/seals, restricted crankcase vent hoses or orifices, or any other improper installation practice) are not covered under this warranty.

MAINTENANCE: Damages as a result of improper maintenance (ie. oil quality, oil viscosity, air filter cleaning/replacement, DPF regeneration intervals, engine failure) are not covered under this warranty.

FOREIGN DEBRIS: Damages as a result of introduction of foreign objects or debris (ie. filter contamination, items left in intake or charge air ducting, debris from a previous failure) are not covered under this warranty.

CONTAMINATION: Damages as a result of oil or other contamination (ie. engine failure resulting in steel, silica, fuel dilution, or any other contamination to be present in the oil) or oil starvation (ie. engine failure resulting in oil loss or excessive blowby resulting in oil deprivation) are not covered under this warranty.

LABOR: Labor and/or installation expenses r are not covered by this warranty. 

SHIPPING: Shipping expenses are not covered under this warranty.

ABUSE: Damages as a result of abuse, misuse, accident, negligence, flood, fire, vandalism,  or anything other than part or workmanship defect are not covered under this warranty.

OTHERAny other expenses aside from part or workmanship defect (ie. shipping, storage, towing, labor, loss of wages/income, travel, etc) are not covered under this warranty.

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